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Welcome to GIZA LEGACY

This website is intended to help spread holistic knowledge about Giza (Gizeh) with its pyramids, the sphinx and the underground complex beneath these structures in order to reveal our true history…

Al Giza is situated just outside the Egyptian capital of Cairo (Misr) and is home to the 3 megalith pyramids, the last of the Seven Wonders of the World still intact, and the sphinx, the largest statue in the world, which guards the entrances. Beneath the structures there is a vast complex with chambers containing objects from an as yet unknown pre-historic era. It really does exist, the Hall of Records!

Is the past catching up with us or does it perhaps mirror our future? Is there really a connection between Giza and the fabled continents of Atlantis and Lemuria? A wide range of facts and evidence indicate that this is true. It is only by shedding light onto the darkness of our past that we can recognize the implications of Giza for our own existence.

This website shall provide you with some insight into the research that we have conducted over the past 12 years. Watch the video, which contains some of the primary information from “GIZA LEGACY” (see below). And if you would like to learn more, you will also find the table of contents to be of interest.

We now wish you a breathtaking experience with GIZA LEGACY.

Rico Paganini and the EVOL Team

The video-trailer for the book